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We Provide Stellar Service

If there is one thing that The Carpetman is known for, it’s stellar service. We are honest contractors who aren’t going to nickel and dime you or promise things that we can’t deliver. We’ll always tell you like it is, even if you might not want to hear it. That’s the core of our business.

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Excellence in Everything We Do

In addition to being honest, we strive for excellence on every job. Customers describe us as “prompt, courteous, happy and efficient,” and we’re always willing to do what it takes to earn that. That’s why we don’t ever send anyone to your home that we’re not willing to stake our reputation on, 100%.

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We Serve Commercial Clients Too

While we spend most of our time serving residential clients, we are also equipped to handle commercial clients of all needs and sizes. Whether you need seasonal carpet cleaning for your showroom, regular carpet cleaning for your entry mat, or weekly carpet cleaning for hundreds of locations, our commercial carpet cleaning team has experience and attention to detail that you need.

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Over 30 Years of Service

We have grown largely by word-of-mouth marketing over the past 30 years. Over that time, we have dealt with almost every carpet imaginable and handled situations that have left other carpet professionals scratching their heads. We have the experience to make your carpet look brand new again.

“Mike and his crew have taken care of multiple properties for my company. He is always willing to go the extra mile to make the home look great. He’s so honest, he even refused to clean the carpet once because he knew the carpet was too far gone to make a difference.
I would highly recommend Mike, The Carpet Man!”

- Jason B.

“The most important factor in selecting the Carpetman as preferred provider for my firm is the fact he is not out to make a quick buck but he is concerned about the homeowner and building a long term relationship; profit is secondary.”

- Miguel P.

“I have several rentals and I have used a few different carpet cleaning services. That is until now. I have now used Mike for the last five cleanings and my searching is over for a good Carpet Man. Carpet cleaning can be tricky so I waited before posting a review until I used him a couple times. For all the cleanings Mike has performed for me he has done a remarkable job. Given he is dealing with rentals and some of the really smart things individuals do to carpets, I’d say he is a magician or should I say artist. I had one carpet that I had just put in and was only a year old. The carpet looked 10 years old it was so dirty. When Mike got done it looked great, it looked it’s actual age. Again, I have used Mike five times now and the end result is always the same even when it was not him and someone else that worked for him. It is obvious he understands what he is doing and is reasonably priced. Always wise to try and schedule him a day or two in advance but on one occasion I needed a rush (toilet overflowed onto carpet) he came out on Xmas eve around noon to clean the mess. I couldn’t believe it with only three hours notice. Another time I had a funky smell that wouldn’t come out. It was what brought me to Mike, I had used another guy and the carpet smelled like spoiled milk. Mike came out and came back again to get the smell out. The guy that caused the problem refused to come out and try to fix the issue. Mike came out twice until the problem (smell) was resolved and gone for good.

You just don’t find many businesses out there like this. Great job Mike and thanks for taking pride in your work.”

- Bruce T.

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